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Dian Xiao Er

Tasked to design for the new Dian Xiao Er in an exciting new mall, the not-so-desirable narrow shopfront and a corner position of Dian Xiao Er was hindering the potential of the store’s impression. To provide design solutions effective for the brand, the conventional layout of Dian Xiao Er was deconstructed and reimagined with modernised concepts and materials. At a place for travellers and curious locals, the restaurant sets its sights on being a memorable stopover for visitors.

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Dian Xiao Er at Changi Jewel tells a tale of an oriental traveller arriving at the inn. An elevated experience from its other outlets, the dramatic setting fuses modern sophistication and ancient style.  

Substantial attention was given to maintaining a symmetrical composition throughout the restaurant, accentuating the harmonious balance that resonates throughout oriental architecture. The overall ambience maintains rich and rustic materials through motifs of timber abacuses, terracotta roof tiles and natural raw granite. Binding history to the present, these materials complement the authenticity of their herbal roast duck prepared daily and on display in the modern open kitchen concept.  

Captivating first sights are the circular frames greeting visitors, a unique spatial experience that draws attention inwards while delineating spatial hierarchy. As you proceed in, you may pick a seat among the common areas or make your way to the private rooms. The cavernous quality of the curved frames is compatible with the earthy timber and weathered stone, creating nostalgia and coziness in the environment.  

Walking by the façade of the restaurant, the unique visual symmetry draws visitors in to appreciate the refined yet raw ambience while savouring their traditional dishes. In this abstract arrangement that leaves a modern impression, stepping into the store is akin to stepping into a 21st century Chinese teahouse. 

Visual Symmetry that can be seen from the entrance
“The detail in the visual experience is outstanding, via simple inexpensive but effective design
to draw the focus of customers into the internal environment with strong visual guides via circular frames.
A very good example of how a clever and simple idea can carry the entire design of a space without overdoing.”
Ken Koo
President of Red Dot, Asia
“This is a great example where design did its magic to elevate the brand to a higher
refined level by transforming this restaurant's spatial experience through contemporary
interpretation of Chinese architecture, interior, furniture and decorative elements. 
The keen attention to refined details, clever use of symmetry and tapestry of materials
creates a visually balanced environment very suited for eating experience.”
Low Cheaw Hwei
Head of Design for Philips in Asia

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Dian Xiao Er project was awarded Gold for Original Design at our annual Kingsmen Q Awards.
The modern store is located at Changi Jewel, #B2-229.

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