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LTA Mobility Gallery

Self-exploratory and immersive learning experiences for the public to uncover the intricate network that runs Singapore’s transport system. The Land Transport Authority hosted interactive activities and used multimedia technology to bring about the theme of ‘future mobility’ for a greener and more inclusive transport system.

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Conceptualising a futuristic scene, a blue colour palette was selected, tying in LTA’s corporate colour and representing the depth of intelligence in their strategies.In order to envision the forward-looking approach of the group, imaginations of future bus concepts were set up, allowing a glimpse of the innovative ways we would approach city living.  

Beyond the exciting lifestyle to come for the public, the gallery reveals the depth of LTA’s workflow and the rail technicians working in the background of operations. To recognise the experience of ground crews, we explored the site from thirteen levels underground. Using this encounter, we delivered accurate details of the successful railway system across the visual production of the exhibits, documenting rare scenes of the individuals behind the show. 

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storytelling & experience

spatial design and build

multimedia integration

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The LTA Mobility Gallery opened officially on 19th September 2018 to the public.
Visit the Land Transport Authority website for more information.

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